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Get Vertical School of Stunts


For Harley Riders

This program is designed for Harley riders who are seeking to enhance their stunt riding abilities and become more versatile riders. Participants will learn essential skills required to enter the world of stunt riding, including burnouts, drifts, wheelies, and bike setup. The program also covers advanced topics such as securing sponsorships and expanding social media presence to help riders grow their personal brand. By the end of the program, riders will have gained a comprehensive skill set to take their riding to the next level.

Monetize Your Influence


Join the Team

Submit an application and commit to the coaching

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Share with your Following

Get a custom affiliate link to share and track your sales

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Collect your Cash

Get paid 50% commission

School of Stunts


Before you apply: Are you available for these dates?

Videos Due: February 3rd

Pre-Sale Begins: March 2nd

School Starts: March 9th

Facebook Group: March 9th - March 30th

*group participation required once daily*

Are you Interested in Becoming a Coach?

This is a 3 week stunt training that Harley riders can purchase featuring video tutorials from their favorite stunt riders and professional's within the industry. Each coach will submit a video featuring a specific trick that they love or are known for - focusing on beginner to intermediate stunt riding skills. Examples would be: Drifts, Burnouts, Wheelies, Crazy Larry's or bike setup all the way to Sponsorships and how to grow your social media following.

Each student is invited to a private Facebook group that gains access to their coaches for questions and guidance. This is where you (the coach) need to be available to answer questions regarding your video topics.

You provide the edit, we organize and distribute it, we all promote and we all get paid. Not to mention we help and grow the Harley stunt scene using our influence. Seriously, what a dream.


Each coach will get paid for the their video and then receive their own affiliate link, each coach that sells a Ticket under their affiliate link will receive 50% of the profit that will be processed every two weeks.

To Join Us


Create an ORIGINAL video minimum of 10 minutes long to be sold exclusively by Get Vertical 

Participation once a week in the Facebook group answering questions pertaining to your video topic for 3 weeks

Coach Payment: $300.00 USD

As a coach you will receive an affiliate link that you can share and earn 50% of the sales tied to that link

Note: Sale is tied to the last referral link click prior to purchase based on our system's reporting




As a promoter you will receive an affiliate link that you can share and earn 25% of the sales tied to that link

Note: Sale is tied to the last referral link click prior to purchase based on our system's reporting

Amount of sales will be considered when choosing you for next years coaching



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be online on a specific date?

No, not necessarily. As a coach you just need to log into the private Facebook group once a day to respond to any questions regarding your video topic. Students will be asked to #ask(your name) at the end of their question so you can easily find it all in one place.

How much are the tickets

Pre-Sale Price: $150

Full Price: $200


Coaches will receive $300.00 USD upon video submission.

This video must be an original presentation created exclusively for Get Vertical who retains the rights of this video to be sold inside of the School of Stunts collection and shop.

Coaches receive 50% of affiliate sales

Promoters receive 25% of affiliate sales


Coaches will receive their coaching payment upon submission of their video. Any income earned from affiliate sales will be paid out via Paypal 7 days after purchase.

how do I promote?

You will receive a unique affiliate link that is connect to your account information that can be shared across any platform. Placed in instagram bio, shared in Facebook groups, FB/IG Ads, YouTube and on websites. 

Just remember there are multiple links out there and our system tracks the last link clicked prior to purchase up to 90 days of the link being clicked

am I good enough to coach?

The skills you are teaching are based off skills YOU ALREADY KNOW. So you don't have to be an expert in every trick in the book to be a coach. Don't be afraid to apply!


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