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Wheelie like a PRO

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This course will take you from DAY ONE to balance point on your Harley Davidson What do you NEED: - A Harley or smaller bike to practice on What you will LEARN: - Fundamental skills that is needed to understand before even attempting to clutch up a wheelie - Specific techniques that makes it easier to wheelie a Harley - Recommendations on set up, tire, tire pressures and mods - Proper body positioning to maintain side to side balance - How to reach balance point with minimal wrecking - Maintaining balance point What you GET: - Get Vertical APP to easily access the coaching course at the stunt spot - Live group coaching with Bruce and Drea, where you can ask specific questions - Invite to private Facebook group with a community of stunt riders from beginner to pro - Lifetime access to how-to videos on other stunts

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app





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