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Are you sick of haters thinking you don't have it in you?

Fast Track your Progress - Learn the Exact Steps to Wheelie your Harley

Don't settle for mediocrity – get coached by pros and show yourself (and the world) what you're made of.

Here is what you'll learn:

Drills on exactly what to practice in each stage of your wheelie from Day 1 to Balance Point Wheelie

The science of how a wheelie works so what you're learning actually makes logical sense

How to use your body to help lift the bike a technique used to wheelie Harleys

Timing of clutch and gas input and how they work together to clutch up

Important techniques and things to consider that actually make it easier to wheelie

Trouble shooting and how to identify wins and mistakes

How gas and brake is used to balance your wheelie

Understanding how to safely find balance point with minimal carnage 

Stage Mist

Stop wasting your time getting conflicting advice from everyone - it's frustrating and slowing down your progress

What if you could just learn from experts and have a roadmap on the exact steps you need to take to wheelie your motorcycle to balance point?

Course Modules & Lessons

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Join the Harley Stunt Movement:
Meet your Coaches and Get Ready to Rip


Lesson 1: Your Journey Begins here


Lesson 2: Ride with the Best: Connect with Samoan Bruce & Drea Stunts



Off the Ground:

The First Steps to the Initial Clutch-Up

Lesson 1: Mastering the Friction Zone 

Lesson 2: Achieving Maximum Lift with a Complete Rolling Stop


Lesson 3: The Power of Revving


Lesson 4:  Dominating the Seat Bump Technique


Lesson 5: Putting it All Together: Achieving the Clutch up



Mastering the Basics: Nailing the Steps you need Before Balance Point

​​Lesson 1: Breaking Barriers: Get out of your Comfort Zone

Lesson 2: Learning to Control Your Wheelie with the Rear Brake

Lesson 3: Timing is everything: Perfecting your Clutch-Up

Lesson 4: Smooth Landings



The Balance Point Breakthrough - Achieving and Sustaining the Balance Point

​Lesson 1: Understanding and Identifying if you are in Balance Point

Lesson 2: Achieving Balance with Correct Body Positioning 

Lesson 3: Clutch to Balance Point: The Essential Technique 

Lesson 4: The Gas-Brake Balance: Achieving Control and Stability in Your Wheelies

Leading Harley-Davidson Brands Support Our Coaching Program

Embrace the confidence of knowing that our coaching program is backed by major brands in the Harley-Davidson industry. Join us today and benefit from the trusted endorsement of these influential brands!

Feuling Parts

Bassani Xhaust

Lucky Daves


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