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Harley Davidson Bagger Road Glide Wheelie Stunt

Get Vertical is the ultimate destination for Harley riders seeking to elevate their stunt game. As a leading brand in Harley stunt parts, we offer top-quality components designed to enhance performance and style, made and fabricated by professional stunt riders. Our products are meticulously crafted to withstand the demands of extreme Harley stunt riding.


But that's not all - we're proud to introduce the first and only online wheelie course exclusively tailored for Harley riders. Led by Samoan Bruce & Drea Stunts who have mastered the art of wheelies on these iconic machines, our comprehensive course will take you from beginner to expert.

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Harley Davidson Bagger Road Glide Wheelie Stunt

Achieve Your Stunt Goals with Get Vertical:
the ONLY Online Wheelie Coaching Course for Harley's

Do you want to learn how to wheelie your Harley Davidson? Get Vertical has the first ever Online Wheelie Coaching Course for Harley Davidson riders and it's perfect for beginners with no stunt skills necessary! Our experienced coaches Samoan Bruce and Drea Stunts have over 10 years of professional stunt riding expertise and have personally curated this course for you. Join us and take your riding to the next level

Step by step lessons with video instructions and graphics coached by professional Harley stunt riders.

Access to our exclusive Members Only Facebook Group to ask questions, get live group coaching and share your progress.

Certifiedtechnicians only

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